Thursday, August 30, 2007


The Freedom of Expression (FXI) website teases us with the tantalising possibilty that someday (unspecified) the comments section on the FXI website will return. Nobody knows precisely when this day will be and it is possible that the messiah will rock up first.

Apology for disabling of the "Comments" facility
Tuesday, 14 August 2007
Over the past week, the FXI website has been hacked twice. Neither we nor our service providers know who is responsible but we are investigating the matter. In the first case, we arrived at the office in the morning to find that the site was down and had been for hours. In the second, fortunately, we caught the problem before any damage was done.

However, our investigations seem to indicate that the vulnerability lies in the "Comments" plug-in (or the way in which it integrates into the site). We have therefore been advised by our service provider to disable the Comments facility for about a week while investigations on the site take place. If, at the end of that period, it is felt that it is safe to enable the Comments facility, we will do so. If not, we will either leave the facility diasabled for a longer period or consider using alternative software for that purpose.

We apologise for this but the integrity of our website is extremely important to us.

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