Friday, August 31, 2007


Although all my comments on the FXI website have disappeared, some of my blog entries are featured on the bottom right hand side of their home page. I hope that The FXI is not foolish enough to censor these views.

Is The Freedom of Expression Institute really The Freedom of Censorship Institute? Only time will tell if my comments will be re-instated on The FXI website, but I am not holding my breath. As the days proceed, one can't help concluding that censorship, rather than freedom of expression, is enshrined in The FXI's mission statement.

Please write to The Freedom of Expression Institute and demand that the comments section on their website be immediately re-connected. We have to fight for freedom of expression in South Africa and it is totally unacceptable that The FXI is unwilling to discuss its agenda with members of the public.

SEP 4th
The blogs have now disappeared. Another technical problem re The FXI website??

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