Thursday, August 30, 2007


(Scroll down and read the last email first.)

Na'eem Jeenah ,director of The Freedom of Expression Institute, writes:
"People hack into websites for all kinds of reasons.

Your refusal to do the right thing now and to correct the misperception you
might have created in the minds of a number of people proves that you are
what I thought you weren't: "an unethical, attention-seeking little scumbag".
Allow me to add "immoral, truthless, childlike twit"."

On 15 Aug 2007 at 8:23, Anthony Posner wrote:

Na'eem Jeenah and Jane Duncan,

Why on earth would anyone want to hack into the FXI website? It sounds
so ridiculous.. do you really think that you are The CIA or The FBI ?

You are The FXI !

When the comments section is returned to The FXI site, i will inform
the cc's.

Viva etc
Blackisted dictator / "attention- seeking little scumbag" (my new FXI

On 14 Aug 2007, at 4:54 PM, na'eem jeenah wrote:

Anthony Posner

Did you not red my earlier email to you? It said:

The FXI website has been hacked twice in the past week and we have
isolated the problem as being the comments section of the site. The
comments section has thus been disaled until we are able to fix the
vulnerability. Now that you have cast aspersions on our intentions,
I expect you will correct these nasty aspersions with the other
people whom you have mailed about this. I refuse to mail them
because the FXI does not support spam (which means unsolicited
mail). Except for the rare mail like the current one, all your mail
to us (and those of people who respond to you and cc to us) are


Anthony Posner,
Why are you behaving like a little child whose toy has been taken
from her?

Now, of course, I expect you to do the ethical thing and write to
all the people who have written to on this issue to explain to them
why the comments section on our site is not working. If you don't,
you will just show yourself to be an unethical, attention-seeking
little scumbag. Since you are not that, you will, of course, inform
them, right?



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