Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Dear Professor Govender,

I ask The SAHRC to take cognizance of the attached letters.

As a Jew living in South Africa, I believe that my human rights are being undermined by the fact that Na'eem Jeenah is both spokesperson for The PSC and director of The FXI.

Is it within The SAHRC's jurisdiction to adjudicate on such matters? Can I make a submission/ complaint to The SAHRC ?

yours sincerely


Activist`s ties sway FXI stance (The Citizen Aug 7th)
•WIKIPEDIA makes it quite clear that Na`eem Jeenah is essentially an Islamic activist. The question arises whether this spokesman for the Palestine Solidarity Committee should be the director of the Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI). Likewise, would it be fair if someone at SA Jewish Board of Deputies or SA Zionist Federation was running the FXI? It is evident Na`eem Jeenah`s allegiances outside of the FXI are influencing the FXI`s stance toward the SABC and the SAJBD. ANTHONY POSNER by e-mail

Anthony Posner complains about Na'eem Jeenah's association with The FXI.

Posner suspects that Jeenah's profile as an "Islamic activist" is problematic for The SAJBD. What a strange sense of logic!

It's no different from the weak, defeatist approach adopted by failed apologists of South Africa's racist past, who constantly clamoured against those seeking to question an ideology of hate.

Many respected academics, journalists and others were hounded and persecuted as a consequence of intolerance displayed by apartheid-era agents.

Does Posner desire that this intolerance of critics of Israeli apartheid result in barring Jeenah's links with The FXI?

If so he, he certainly cherishes a foolish desire to turn SA's momentous strides back to the tyranny of the past.

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Dear Sir
The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) acknowledges receipt of your complaint received on 17 August 2007, wherein you allege a violation of your human rights by the fact that NaƩem Jeenah is both the spokesperson for the PSC and the Director of the FXI.

 The SAHRC was established to investigate the prima facie violations of human rights as contained within the Bill of Rights, which is Chapter Two of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Act 108 of 1996.

 The Commission, upon assessment of this complaint, advises that your allegation does not constitute a violation of any of the rights that are in Chapter 2 of the South African Constitution. Thus, the Commission does not have jurisdiction to deal with your complaint.

 The Commission thus cannot assist you with your complaint as it does not fall within its mandate will consider this file closed. You are advised that you can appeal this decision in writing to the Chairperson of the Commission within 45 days of receipt to this letter.


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