Thursday, August 30, 2007


Dear Sir,

Paula Slier's SAJR opinion piece has effectively cut The SAJBD into shreds. It is, unfortunately (or fortunately?) difficult to see how The SAJBD can mend, having ignominiously withdrawn the Icasa complaint regarding The SABC's anti-semitic treatment of Paula Slier.

The SAJBD's shabby / appalling treatment of Paula is, in actual fact, shabby / appalling treatment of us all. As a result, we should not just be outraged about the way that Paula has been treated. We should be outraged about the way that we have been treated.

Wendy Kahn's SAJR letter, stating that "we need to let go of our confrontational mindset and commit ourselves to a process of engagement with those around us" misses the point. The issue at stake is bigger than the SABC's reporting of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. It is actually about the protection of the democratic and constitutional rights of all of South Africa's citizens. And for those who think that such rights are not worth fighting for, let me remind you that, without them, the road to Harare is unblocked.

Wendy Kahn ( National Director of The SAJBD) has erroneously explained The SAJBD"s dilemma as being between "confrontation" and "constructive dialogue". The real dilemma was, however, was whether The SAJBD should be standing up for democratic and constitutional rights in post apartheid South Africa. Of course, when put into this context, any rational citizen would realize that there was no dilemma at all.

Wendy Kahn has stated on the "It's Almost Supernatural" blog that, in return for the SAJBD's withdrawal of The Icasa complaint, written undertakings were given by The SABC:

"In making our decision, we had to make a judgment call as to what would best serve the interests of the constituency we represent. It was decided to provisionally meet with Dr Zikalala to see whether the core dispute we had with him could be resolved without the matter going to a formal ICASA hearing.
It cannot be too strongly emphasized that we did not decide to withdraw our complaint on the basis of a single “feel-good” meeting and a few verbal reassurances. We asked for, and received, a number of concrete undertakings by the SABC to work with us in addressing the problem of anti-Israel bias within the organisation. " (Wendy Kahn)

So The SAJBD have returned from their trip to Dr Snuki Zikalala with "undertakings"...." peace in our time" ?...Ich don't think

yours sincerely
Anthony Posner

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