Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Dear Na'eem Jeenah,

I note that the reply to my letter in "The Citizen" is now on the homepage of The Media Review Network website.

Is Iqbal Jassat paid to write replies on your behalf ? Or does he do it in his spare time?

I will leave it up to the ccs to evaluate the style and intellectual content of his prose.

viva etc
blacklisted etc

Strange logic over activist at FXI 
 ANTHONY Posner complains about Na’eem Jeenah’s association with the Freedom of Expression Institute (The Citizen, August 7).
Posner suspects that Jeenah’s profile as an “Islamic activist” is problematic for the SA Jewish Board of Deputies. What a strange sense of logic!
It’s no different from the weak, defeatist approach adopted by failed apologists of South Africa’s racist past, who constantly clamoured against those seeking to question an ideology of hate.
Many respected academics, journalists and others were hounded and persecuted as a consequence of intolerance displayed by apartheid-era agents.
Does Posner desire that his intolerance of critics of Israeli apartheid result in barring Jeenah’s links with the FXI?
If so, he certainly cherishes a foolish desire to turn SA’s momentous strides back to the tyranny of the past.
Media Review Network
Iqbal Jassat- Chairman (MRN)    2007/08/21

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How much does he get paid?