Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Dear Professor Harber,

As a Professor who professes (ha, ha!) to have an interest in freedom of expression in South Africa, I am surprised that you have not been publicly concerned about the fate of The FXI. Perhaps the reason is that you are reluctant to fall out with your friends at The FXI?


I think that you would agree that The FXI is now officially defunct. Jane Duncan has recently left, following Na'eem Jeenah's departure a while back. Nobody else has been appointed by The FXI's board and the phones at The FXI's offices are left unanswered.

Since I am not, thank God, a paid up member of the PC media elite, I am not privy to any stories about what has been going on behind The FXI's doors. However, I would imagine that The FXI has collapsed due to an inability to keep its international funders on board. So the question arises,..."Why have these funders turned their backs on The FXI?"

I believe that the answer is that The FXI's funders realized what The FXI was up to, and as a result, wisely decided that they would withhold further finance.

As you know, I regularly catalogued some of the things that The FXI was "up to" on my blog.... "FIX THE FXI", although I cannot be held fully responsible for its demise.


Monday, June 29, 2009


Dear Jane Duncan and Na'eem Jeenah,

It seems that The Freedom of Expression Institute is, on the verge of being fixed. Both of you have, thankfully, now absconded. And as far as I can gauge, nobody else appears to be "running" it.

Of course, this is a void that must be filled.

In such circumstances, I have decide to officially appoint myself.... executive director of The FFXI (The Fixed Freedom of Expression Institute).

If anybody has any objections, please let me know asap, and I will re-consider my nomination. Otherwise, I will contact the IFEX with the good news.

blacklisted dictator (executive director of the FFXI)

ps: do you want to hand over The FXI's website?