Friday, August 31, 2007


In a reply to my email about the disconnection of The Freedom of Expression Institute's comments section, Na'eem Jeenah states:"Except for the rare mail like the current one,all your mail to us, and those people who respond to you and cc us, are spam."

As far as the director of The Freedom of Expression Institute is concerned, therefore, my regular emails to him and Jane Duncan are "spam". His reasoning would appear to be that I am continually raising questions and issues that The FXI does not wish to answer or address.

It is evident, for example, that Jeenah would inevitably consider this following email, unanswered by The FXI, to be "spam":

Dear Jane Duncan and Na'eem Jeenah,

I note that The FXI has remained silent with regard to President Mbeki's refusal at SADC to condemn abuses of freedom of expression in Zimbabwe. Surely you should have spoken out?

I quote President Mbeki's latest letter on The ANC website:

"On Monday, August 20, the Business Day newspaper published a wholly fabricated story alleging that the SADC leaders were divided over this report, describing a discussion at the Summit Meeting that never took place. This is consistent with an unethical practice in sections of our media in terms of which they manufacture news and information and communicate complete fiction as the truth."

"The hostile allegation that our countries have recklessly turned their eyes away from the problems of Zimbabwe, because of the imperatives of solidarity, has always been nothing more than a product of propaganda, which all thinking persons would recognise as such."

"With regard to our own media, which seems to thrive on marketing the negative and underplaying the positive, with little regard to the objective reality that ours is a society going through a complex and exciting period of truly revolutionary change, we too must ask the question – where are the heroic journalists and scholars who will tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, about the unprecedented process of the rebirth of our country!"

Do you agree with the President Mbeki's views?? If you don't, what precisely are you doing about it ?


For the record, "spamming" is the abuse of electronic messaging systems to indiscriminately send unsolicited bulk messages.

I will leave it up to readers of this blog to make up their own minds whether the director of The FXI is right to consider the above email to be "spam".

Mugabe would probably agree with Jeenah. Do you ?

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