Friday, September 7, 2007


The following letter was published in today's Mail and Guardian. Quite a turn up for the M&G's letter's page when one considers just how much The M&G hates/despises the email missives that I usually send them.

However, since it concerned The SABC's resignation from SANEF ( Ferial Haffajee as M&G editor is a member), the sentiment which I expressed was obviously more to HRH's liking.

My email refers to The SABC's resignation as a response to SANEF's support of The Sunday Times Manto expose:

From: amposner
Date: 03 September 2007 8:27:23 AM

Sanef chairperson Jovial Rantao has said that the forum had received a letter from the SABC announcing its intentions on Friday. "We will be seeking a meeting with the SABC to discuss the contents of the letter."

What a mistake on SANEF's behalf!

SANEF shoud be delighted that The SABC is does not need Zikalala's toxic waste. The ANC should export the latter to Harare where it truly belongs.

(btw, The M&G chose to delete my seven word finale ....."SACK SNUKI! NO ANC AT THE SABC!")

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