Friday, September 7, 2007


Does The Freedom of Expression Institute serve as a mouthpiece for the Media Review Network ? For those of you who don"t know, Thw MRN is an Islamic "media" lobby group based in Pretoria. It has close links with Ronno Einstein (South Africa's Minister of Intelligence and roving Minister of anti-zionist affairs).

When I recently pointed out in a letter to The Citizen that Na'eem Jeeenah's should not be director of The Freedom of Expression Institute and spokesperson of The Palestinain Solidarity Committee, it was none other than Iqbal Jassat from The MRN who attempted a "reply" on Jeenah's behalf.

South Africans should wake up and realize that The Media Review Network collaborates with Na'eem Jeenah of The Freedom of Expression Institute; together they ensure that the media is as anti-zionist as possible.

However, it is particularly worrying for South African Jewry that The FXI has remained silent about the anti-semitic cartoon which appears on The MRN's website.

The FXI is, as a result, tainted by The MRN's anti-semitism. It is about time that Jane Duncan took cognizance of what The FXI's ally in Pretoria up to!

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