Monday, September 3, 2007


Address by Ronnie Kasrils, MP Minister for Intelligence Services Women’s Day Celebration Musanda 7 August 2007:
"let me leave you with the prophetic statement of the women of 1956 who said: ‘the level of civilisation which any society has reached can be measured by the degree of freedom that its members enjoy. The status of women is a test of civilisation…’."

Speaking in East London yesterday (Sep2nd), The Health Minister said: “I am not going to step down … I don’t understand why I should … unless, as the president has said, you give me reasons why I should step down.

“What is it I have done — neglected the duties given to me?

‘‘If I have, please give us that information, as the president has said. It is the president who appointed me and it is his constitutional right to relieve people of their duties.”

When asked about reports of her conviction for stealing from a patient in Botswana, Tshabalala- Msimang replied that it was “a long story”.

“I will discuss that with you at another time … but I have not come here for Botswana stories.”

She told journalists: “I have come here in an effort to see what the department can do to improve the quality of health care here — and that is what you should be concerned with. It might be your relatives and your friends who are admitted to our health facilities.”

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