Saturday, September 8, 2007


The Freedom of Expression Institute has now reinstated their comments facility together with the comments that I posted.

Strange that it tookThe FXI nearly 4 weeks to do so? However, better late than never.

Re The FIX THE FXI poll:
30% of voters correctly predicted that The FXI would restore the comments facility before Manto left office. This has proven to be an extremely shrewd prediction but it does unfortunately indicate that there is little confidence in Mbeki's decision making.

20 % of voters also correctly assessed that the messiah would not "rock up" in the interim. Perhaps this can be put down to a lack of faith or a cynical malaise ?

30 % voters were also right when they stated that the comments would return prior to South Africa winning the World Cup. One can only hope that Bafana Bafana will not be put off in 2010.

20 % also correctly guessed that England would not do a 1966 before the comments were reinstated. Perhaps this was a prediction born out by experience ?

On a more serious note, freedom of expression devotees can only hope that The FXI now has the sense to start engaging in a real debate regarding the multiplicity of issues that FIX THE FXI has raised. Don't, however, put your money on it. The FXI has no track record of being accountable to the public and it is highly unlikely that they will change their attitude now.

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