Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Nice to know that Jane Duncan and Na'eem Jeenah of The Freedom of Expression Institute do approve of FIX THE FXI.

In a comment, with regard to Patricia de Lille's attempt to regulate blogs, The FXI, inter alia, stated:

"As for blogging, this is a very important form of democratisation of the media. Like all media, blogging can be used to express viewpoints that some or other people in society might not like. But this is what freedom of expression is about: being able to accept that the right extends to people who will express viewpoints that might be unpopular."

I think, however, that The Freedom of Expression Institute, should have the guts to start replying to the many points that FIX THE FXI has raised.

At its best, freedom of expression is a two-way (or more) discussion, and The FXI should be much more willing to engage in the issues that I have blogged.

At the moment, The FXI's dismissive attitude is rather reminiscent of the arrogance of power. If The FXI feels that it doesn't need to engage, it might well find that it will lose the debate by default.

In particular, The Freedom of Expression Institute should now reply to my point that The spokesperson for The Palestinian Solidarity Committee ( Na'eem Jeenah) should not be the director of The FXI. Would it be fair if the spokesperson of The South African Zionist Federation was director of The FXI ??

The following is an example of Na'eem Jeenah's work outside of The Fredom Of Expression Institute:

Issued by End the Occupation Campaign
24 MAY 2007

The Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory is “criminal and intolerable”, Intelligence Minister and African National Congress (ANC) National Executive Committee member Ronnie Kasrils said in Johannesburg today (24 May) at a media briefing to announce plans for a week of national protest action in solidarity with the Palestinian people from 4-9 June......

Issued by End the Occupation Campaign
24 May 2007
For more information or interviews, call:
Na'eem Jeenah - 084 574 2674

To make matters worse, The Freedom of Expression Institute has been heavily involved with a multiplicity of issues regarding Ronnie Kasrils, The South African Jewish Report and The South African Jewish Board of Deputies. In the circumstances, it is quite impossible for Th FXI to be fair, objective and professional about these issues. I have, of course alluded to many of the points on FIX THE FXI.
The FXI,moreover, often appears to be little more than an arm of The Media Review Network (MRN) and, as a result, has lost its independence.

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