Monday, September 3, 2007


Dear Na'eem Jeenah,

Does The Freedom of Expression Institute consider that the Swedish caricature of the prophet Mohammed is "hate speech"?

The relevant articles can be accessed on The Media Review Network website and are also available on the FIX THE FXI blog:

"On August 18, Swedish newspaper Nerikes Allehanda published a cartoon by Swedish cartoonist But Lars Vilks, depicting Prophet Muhammad as a dog to illustrate an editorial on self-censorship and freedom of expression and religion."

I refer to your article in 2006 about the Danish cartoons:

"That the real issue surrounding the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad
is hate speech and incitement to violence, rather than freedom of
expression, is clear when the intent behind their publication is understood."

So...where do you and The FXI stand on this matter?

And, for the record, what do you think about the anti-semitic cartoon published on The MRN website?

Viva etc

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Anonymous said...

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