Monday, September 3, 2007


Dear Jane Duncan,

President Ahmadinejad seems to think that Kian Tajbakhsk's ties to the George Soros Foundation's Open Society Institute indicate that his loyalties are skewed towards The United States and Israel.

Please inform The Iranian Ambassador in Pretoria that the director of The Freedom of Expression Institute is also spokesperson for The Palestinian Solidarity Committee. As you well know, The FXI has an extremely strong anti-zionist anti-US agenda and is, moreover, mainly funded by..... the George Soros Foundation's Open Society.

Perhaps President Ahmadinejad is, like many other people, unaware of this fact, and your own case history re the "Open Society" might, strangely enough, help to secure Tajbakhsh's release.

viva etc
blacklisted etc

The New York Times:
Freed Scholar Leaves Iran; Another Still Held
The scholar, Haleh Esfandiari, 67, director of Woodrow Wilson Center's Middle East Program, left Iran late on Sunday after authorities returned her passport. Her passport was taken away in January when she came to Iran to visit her ailing mother and she was jailed in May and released last month on security-related charges.

The other scholar who was arrested with Ms. Esfandiari in May, Kian Tajbakhsh, an urban planner with ties to the George Soros Foundation's Open Society Institute, is still being held despite promises of his release to his family

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