Monday, September 10, 2007


The Freedom of Expression Institute has nominated Prof Adam Habib for The SABC board.

Doesn't Prof Habib want South Africa at The UN to ally itself more closely with China and Russia ?
The regimes in China and Russia are not known for advocating freedom of expression. Would a supporter of these regimes really be an ideal candidate for the SABC board?

Prof Habib was denied entry to the United States...a badge of honour to be worn at The SABC's board meetings?

Would Prof Habib's views on the direction of South Africa's foreign policy be much different from Snuki Zikalala's?

Hasn't Prof Habib recently been influential in setting the agenda for South Africa's dismal performance on The UN's security council? How ironic that The Freedom of Expression Institute is now punting his SABC board nomination!

Interesting also to contemplate Prof Habib's comments about Mbeki's Zim stance in July 2006. He said " I think South Africa is taking a much harder stance." Clearly, it wasn't!

July 20 2006 at 01:05AM

Professor Adam Habib from the Human Sciences Research Council told the
SABC conditions exist for South Africa to play a leading role in
facilitating negotiations between Zimbabwean parties and the international

"There is greater pressure. I think the economic crisis is bigger. I
think South Africa is taking a more harder stance, I think support
continentally is far bigger in our favour than it has been before, but I
really think the big debate is 2008... when presidential elections are

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