Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Will other blogs emerge in South Africa, fighting for freedom of expression and demanding that The Freedom of Expression Institute is fixed?
According to the latest research it could just be a matter of time....

Zahira Kharsany | Johannesburg, South Africa (M&G)
06 September 2007 05:00

"Something is stirring in the South African blogosphere. This year will probably be remembered as a time when blogs came of age, with more than 600 000 internet users visiting blogs by their fellow South Africans in just one month.

Electronic-media analyst Arthur Goldstuck has provided the online world with relevant South African statistics on the number of bloggers in South Africa for the month of August 2007.

In a blog entry posted this week on the Mail & Guardian Online's Thought Leader, Goldstuck says he believes that by August next year, "blogs will not only be a mainstream component of most online media in South Africa, but they will also be a dominant component".

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