Sunday, September 9, 2007


The SABC reports that "Zimbabwe faces serious bread shortages." Surely Zikalala and Mbeki should realize that this is just "western / racist / Blairist" propaganda ?

Do they really think that Mugabe and the thugs that keep him in power are not having toast and marmalade for breakfast ??

And if the masses in Zimbabwe are really starving why doesn't Mbeki send cake ?

"Zimbabwe faces serious bread shortages" (SABC NEWS WEBSITE)

September 07, 2007, 06:15
Zimbabwe winter wheat production has dropped significantly owing to power outages, and now the country's leading bread producer, Lobels Bread, has only until today's supply of bread.

Zimbabwe, facing acute foreign exchange problems has failed to import about 36 000 tons of what from neighboring Mozambique. Lobels Bread management announced it has scaled down its operations after exhausting its reserves, which had about 4000 tons.

Power utility Zesa introduced power cuts in most residential areas throughout winter and diverted power to help commercial farmers raise maximum production. But most farmers, including Commercial Farmers Union President Doug Free, ended up destroying huge hectares of wheat owing to power outages which destroyed the quality of wheat.

Looming food crisis
Lobels has already shut down its factory in the city of Bulawayo, and is only operating one unit out of six in the capital, Harare. So far, close to 2000 employees have been sent on leave after the company scaled down its operations.

Meanwhile, the World Food Programme has received about $35 million to avert what it says is a looming food crisis in the southern parts of Zimbabwe where a targeted four million people will receive humanitarian assistance in the coming months.

Diplomats here have urged Harare to revisit its policies and restore confidence in the market after it slashed prices or basic food commodities creating shortages. Most supermarkets in Harare are emptying fast, with no bread, meat, cooking oil, and milk on the shelves.

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