Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Dear Jane Duncan,

I know that The Freedom of Expression Institute is having a spot of bother with Ronno Einstein in the constitutional court. However, this shouldn't poison your relationship. This sort of thing happens every now and then. I am not suggesting that you "kiss and make-up" but you should put any squabbles over secret documents to one side. After all, the "Zionist / US jewish lobby" is still alive and kicking and it is essential that you and Mr Einstein continue to act, hand in glove, to counteract its malevolence.

In the circumstances, The FXI's board, should (assuming that Na'eem Jeenah moves to The MRN) consider Mr Einstein as a potential candidate for the position of Anti-Zionist Director of The FXI (assuming that Ronno, for some strange reason, fails to gain an appointment in Jacob Zuma's new government.)

viva etc
blacklisted etc

Assuming that Ronnie Kasrils is not invited by Jacob Zuma to be part of the new government, which of the following positions is he best qualified for :

(a) Hamas Minister of Intelligence ?
(b) Ahmadinejad's Foreign Secretary ?
(c) Director of The Freedom of Expression Institute ?
(d) Spokesperson for The MRN ?
(e) Executive Director of Durban II (world anti-racism etc) ?
(f) Special envoy to The UN Human Right's Council ?
(g) Chairman of the SAHRC ?
(h) Features editor for The Mail and Guardian ?

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